Post - Race

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I pre- register for the race?

A:  At this time we do not have a

      pre-registration process.

Q:   What's the cost to participate in the             race?
A:   $30 with this years t-shirt
       $15 event only

Q:  Where do the funds go?
A:  The Hood River Wrestling Club         

       receives the majority of the funds

       raised.  We also support the Hood

       River Lions for the 4th of July parade

       and festivities at Jackson Park and the

       Odell Fire Department.

Pre -Race

Q: When will race results be posted?

A:  An hour after the race we have them

      informally posted on race boards at

      the finish line. They will also be posted

      in the hood river news in that weeks

      paper and on the 4th of July run 


Race Day

(541) 352-3520


43 Years & Running Strong!


Q:  What time do I need to arrive to                 register and get my shirt?

A:  Runners please arrive no later than          8:30. Race starts promptly at 9:00. For

      walkers, registration begins at 7:00.

      The earlier the better.

Q:  Should I sign up as a walker or a

A:  You should register as a runner if you

      want your time recorded. If you are     

      going to try to run the event, but may

      end up walking quite a bit, sign up as

      a walker. The price is the same, the

      water stations and route are the same

      and there is a walker finish shoot.

Q: Are strollers and dogs allowed?
A:  If you sign up as a walker and start at

      8:00 am (or before), you will be fine.
      Safety dictates that dogs and strollers 

      are not allowed at the 9:00 am start

      time. There will be about 400 runners,

      half will complete in about 1 hour.

      Best to stay out of their way and enjoy

      your day.

     If you choose to bring your dog, we'll

     be happy to share our water, but

     remember, the pavement can be very

     hot on their paws and you may end up

     carrying your pooch over the finish