This year's event saw wonderful weather, in the 70's.  Attendance was 269 registered runners and  99 registered walkers.    Special thanks to the Hood River County Sheriff's department, the Hood River City Police and the community, for a safe 4th of July run. 

One record was set this year, in the Men's  Age 40-49 Category, by Oscar Bauman,  setting the course record at 39:08, upsetting the record which was set in 1988 by Al Beck with a time of 39:54.  Congratulations Oscar!
Male                      Female

Grade 1 - 5

1st                                                   Rosie Thomas   1:38:08 2nd
Grade 6 - 8

1st  Luke Level   1:02:20                Hannah Leon   1:12:03
2nd  Miles Trius   1:03:12           Taryn Schilling    1:23:57
3rd  Mateo Capos Davis    1:09:37
Grade 9 - 12

1st Connor Traux  43:28                 Chloe Clark   1:02:19
2nd Jesse Wiley    43:43               Katie Perkens   1:06:05 
3rd  Justin Crosswhite  45:12    Milena Rogers   1:10:17
Post HS - 29

1st   Jesse McChesney   39:08         Kate Parker 52:04
2nd  Ricardo Castillo   40:56       Alejandra Urista   53:59
3rd Quinn Fetkenhour   44:11          Jessica Silva  56:02 
Age 30-39

1st Dusty Lopez  39:32          Nylene Warner    51:59
2nd  Tyler Gray  46:55            Lauren Munk       58:07

3rd   Whit Poor   50:42         Nancy Runions    59:51
Age 40 - 49

1st  Oscar Bauman  39:08         Bobbie Napoli  58:07
2nd Ahrlin Bauman   39:12         Kerry Lake   58:08
3rd   Juan Luis Heredia 52:56    Evonne N-Cullen 58:12
Age 50 - 59

1st    Jeff Irwin   52:06                 Clare Lewis   1:05:09
2nd  Gary Johnson  54:35     Seila Burchell   1:14:34
3rd Salvador Lopez   55:12    Kristie Benham   1:15:51
Age 60 - 69

1st   Mark Chamley   57:24      Kathy Melow   1:27:26
2nd Terry Mallon   58:09          Denise Dony   1:27:26
3rd Andrew Grossman   59:26

Age 70 +

1st Raymond Peterson    1:17:12

2nd Bill Mellow    1:28:39


      2016 RACE RESULTS


Results for the Kollas Cranmer Run will be posted on the web sight shortly after the 4th of July race. We  post placement results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category. Results will be posted in the Hood River News in the following day's paper.

As runners cross the finish line they are handed a stick with a number on it. They go directly to the FINISH LINE table and turn in their numbered stick with their racing tag.

The runners tag  you receive at registration is color coded for male (blue) and female (red). A category race sticker is placed on your runners tag to define your age category.  We use a tally board to post immediate results on sight (30 minutes) after the race. It is very important for runners to register to assure accurate times for everyone.


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