Overall      Male                                                  Female
1st Tarbath Forest 0:40:21                1st Emma Tarbath 0:48:04
2nd David McKay 0:40:41                  2nd Sissel Holloway 0:50:14
3rd Jake Bromham 0:44:08               3rd Kenna Welsch 0:50:15
Grades 1 - 5
1st Kai Wagner 1:04:51                    1st
2nd                                                     2nd
3rd                                                      3rd
Grade 6 - 8
1st Gregory Shoaf 0:53:04             *1st Brinna Weiseth 0:53:46
2nd George Roberts 0:01:20         2nd Meika McNight 0:55:58
3rd Miles Reagan 1:08:53              3rd Amelia Huxtable 0:59:15
Grade 9 - 12
1st Josh Haynes 0:45:05              1st Mary Grace Thomas 1:04:29
2nd Omara Quintena 0:45:07     2nd Emma Kelly 1:09:25
3rd Josh Humann 0:49:33            3rd Valeria Bruggeman 1:20:32
Post HIGH School - age 29
1st Forest Tarbath 0:40:21          1st Sissel Holloway 0:50:14
2nd Jake Broham 0:44:08            2nd Kenna Welsh 0:50:15
3rd Nils Engberson 0:46:11         3rd Paige Skorseth 0:50:52
Age 30 - 39
1st David McKay 0:40:41               1st Emma Tarbath 0:48:04
2nd Taylor Halverson 0:44:18       2nd Amy Knowles 0:53:32
3rd Josh Boyden 0:46:32               3rd Holly Todd 0:55:46
Age 40 - 49
1st Ian Ramos 0:46:23                    1st Angela Krause 0:55:25
2nd Jonathan Graca 0:47:26          2nd Angelique Garrett 0:56:23
3rd Grey Dufour 0:48:25                3rd Julie Wilson 0:58:32
Age 50 - 59
1st Scott Middleton 0:44:49            1st Kim Brislawn 1:00:21
2nd Howard Cohen 0:52:29            2nd Jen Wardell 1:00:27
3rd David Smith 0:25:31                  3rd Peg Iannone 1:04:41
Age 60-69
1st Mike Chamley 0:56:49              1st Karen Lloyd 1:12:13
2nd Jeff Ripley 0:58:58                    2nd Rosario Collet 1:15:03
3rd Logan Caldwell 1:00:03            3rd Wendy Armstrong 1:37:57
Age 70+
1st Raymond Peterson 1:19:49      1st
2nd                                                    2nd
3rd                                                     3rd
Results with * indicate a new event record



Results for the Kollas Cranmer Run will be posted on the web sight shortly after the 4th of July race. We  post placement results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category. Results will be posted in the Hood River News in the following day's paper.

As runners cross the finish line they are handed a stick with a number on it. They go directly to the FINISH LINE table and turn in their numbered stick with their racing tag.

The runners tag  you receive at registration is color coded for male (blue) and female (red). A category race sticker is placed on your runners tag to define your age category.  We use a tally board to post immediate results on sight (30 minutes) after the race. It is very important for runners to register to assure accurate times for everyone.

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