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This year's event saw wonderful weather,  sunny and 75.  Attendance was 272 registered runners and  108 registered walkers. Special thanks to the Hood River County Sheriff's department, the Hood River City Police and the community, for a safe 4th of July run. 

One record was set this year in the Women's Age 60-69 Category by Susan Poor,  setting the course record at 1:03:39. The last record was set in 2002 by Mary Finegold with a time of 1:14:41.

Congratulations Susan!
Male                      Female

Grade 1 - 5

1st    Davin Snyder        1:09:31      Rosie Thomas     1:38:08 2nd   Maverick Hockett 1:21:19
Grade 6 - 8

1st    Isaac Trius              0:56:20     Cloe Bullock        1:04:16
2nd  Miles Trius              0:57:47     Brinna Weiseth   1:10:58
3rd   Aaron Davis            1:03:20     Mieka McKnight  1:11:08
Grade 9 - 12

1st Jacob Bromhom       0:43:46      Lotie Bramham  0:53:04
2nd Connor Truax          0:46:51      Evelyn Nunez     1:02:04 
3rd  Dagoberto Silva      0:47:52      Katie Perkins      1:07:16
Post HS - 29

1st   Forest Tarbath        0:39:39       Hannah Allen    0:47:30
2nd  Ben Paynter            0:44:11       Emma Tarbath  0:47:31
3rd   Alex King                 0:45:45       Zooy Freebain   0:50:20
Age 30-39

1st    Dusty Lopez           0:40:42        Maren Reed       0:52:19
2nd  Carlos Quintana     0:45:09        Amy Knowles     0:55:19

3rd   Blair Smith              0:48:51        Pam Eineichner 0:57:20
Age 40 - 49

1st  Oscar Bauman         0:42:27       Shawnie Emmons   0:54:50
2nd Mario Mendoza       0:49:34       Evonne Nadelhoffe 0:57:26
3rd  Gary Daubenspeck 0:52:21       Angela Krause         1:00:01
Age 50 - 59

1st   Gary Johnson           0:51:48      Kathy Sauer-Bishop 1:03:58
2nd  Chris Davis               0:55:14      Steph Irving              1:04:32
3rd   Johan Reiz                0:55:38      Dee Holzman           1:09:59
Age 60 - 69

1st   Salvador Lopez        0:52:30      Susan Poor          1:03:39
2nd  Terry Maloon           1:00:41      Leslie Cogswell    1:07:15
3rd   Mark Chomley         1:01:57      Karyn Lloyd          1:08:55

Age 70 +

1st Raymond Peterson   1:23:09



      2017 RACE RESULTS


Results for the Kollas Cranmer Run will be posted on the web sight shortly after the 4th of July race. We  post placement results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category. Results will be posted in the Hood River News in the following day's paper.

As runners cross the finish line they are handed a stick with a number on it. They go directly to the FINISH LINE table and turn in their numbered stick with their racing tag.

The runners tag  you receive at registration is color coded for male (blue) and female (red). A category race sticker is placed on your runners tag to define your age category.  We use a tally board to post immediate results on sight (30 minutes) after the race. It is very important for runners to register to assure accurate times for everyone.

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